Live Show Review

GLINT And The Wall Of Sound | Live From Pianos

By: Adam Spera

On Tuesday, April 26th, GLINT played their last resident day at Pianos intimate venue in downtown Manhattan. Packed to the brim, the intimate setting was electrified by Pianos’ unique take on psychedelic alternative rock.  

pic 3

Wave after wave of their highly developed sound washed over the crowd who received them with open arms. The recent addition of Chris Kyle, guitarist, and Ian Hersey, bassist, has clearly been the right choice for this band. Chemistry is crucial for every band and GLINT has nailed it with their current composition.  

pic 2Jase Blankfort embodies his music with his performance on stage. Acting partly as performance art, his physical expressions provide depth to the sound and overall feel of the music being created.

GLINT is a band that is perfectly suited for larger audiences because of their powerful “wall of sound” technique. Pianos’ small venue barely held itself together under GLINT’s sonic expanse. Now is a great time to experience GLINT live in a small venue before they move on to larger stages. If you do plan on seeing them, be prepared for an explosion of sound and emotion from both the band and the audience.

All photos by J. Kane-Hartnett


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