Play It Again: Grand Analog “Love Is A Battlefield”

by Sara Waber

Play Too Much: Tell us a little bit about the song?

Odario Williams of Grand Analog: I wanted to write a song about the city itself, and one’s love & hate relationship with that city. Most dream chasers fall in love with a city before migrating to it, then find themselves fighting to maintain that adoration as adversity, everyday struggle and the inevitable heartbreak takes toll. I felt the grittiness of a 70’s dub/reggae vibe fit the theme of the song perfectly, so I brought some lyrics I wrote to the band and we found the perfect beat to my city soundtrack.

PTM: I know your from Toronto but this video and song definitely made me think of the city I grew up in, New York City. I meet a lot of transplants who come this city with a rose colored perspective and sometimes it’s hard for me to still see the beauty in it – but you’re right, that its about fighting to maintain that adoration. Where was this video filmed?


OW: The video was shot in Toronto’s historic Kensington Market. Ironically, the Market is usually bustling with local characters, tourists and street entertainers. In this clip I wanted to use the Market as a backdrop to my lyrics (almost like a painting); but I also wanted to show the quiet eerie side to the legendary mad Market that the locals don’t normally see. The video was shot in one day… 6am and 6pm. We had to work quickly as Time, and Mother Nature, waits for no man.

PTM: Thats awesome! The video is really beautiful. How did you come up with the video concept?

OW: I was adamant about keeping the concept simple. I wanted to shoot one specific city scene, as opposed to numerous city scenes (we even kept Toronto’s famous CD Tower out of the video). And I knew that Kensington Market had the right look and feel to carry the visuals through using one location.

PTM: What was the hardest part and most fun part to film?

OW: We started shooting at 6am, which means my alarm was set that morning for 4:30am. That was difficult because I usually go to bed at 4am! It was fun to shoot while delirious and strung-out on McCafe coffee. The sun was gorgeous that morning. I remember our director shooting against the light, not being able to see me, but encouraged me to keep performing (giving me a thumbs up), confident the results would be sugar sweet.


PTM: There is nothing prettier (and more epic) than someone backlight by the sun! Who do you want to shout out for helping make this video possible?

OW: A shout out to director Jason Cipparrone, who’s love for photography & art made this video clip a special one for me. Also, I’d like to shout out our drummer, TJ Garcia, who is absent from the video because he attended his mother’s birthday dinner instead. I thought that was sweet.


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