Gypsy & The Cat “Can’t Stop Me Now”

By: Michelle Alexander 

Melbourne-bred duo Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers are Gypsy & The Cat. Founded in 2008, the former DJs instantly vibed over a mutual affinity of French house music and ‘80s chart-toppers. Bacash and Towers have crafted their own recipe of energized electro bliss that has allowed the talented musicians to carve a sweet spot amongst Australia’s widely celebrated synth-pop scene.  The release of their first album, “Gilgamesh” set a whirlwind in motion of tours, chart-scores and quality studio time.


Touring countries like Japan, France, UK, and Sweden has influenced the band’s growth into a multi-dimensional and worldly sound. This is evidenced in their second release, “The Late Blue,” which follows no re-hashed blueprint, but is clearly Gypsy & The Cat. The energy that flows in their words and layered tones makes it hard to place what “genre” their sound falls under, and that’s where the beauty lies. Sidestepping from psychedelic-laced harmonies to low-fi guitar riffs, the band takes you on an upstream adventure of electrified late nights in underground clubs and exploring winding streets paved with sunny Bohemian soul.

“Can’t Stop Me Now” is the latest single from Gypsy & The Cat. The record reverberates dreamily for a split second  before getting down to action with an irresistible invitation to step out of the haze, into a funky burst of vocal power  laced with rock n’ roll bravado. The pumped up beat is brought full-force with a steady synth keeping the rhythm flowing. Gypsy & The Cat deliver a summer-infused anthemic flow with the air of seasoned musicians who know how to handle their business. You don’t have to be a sucker for a catchy chorus to kick back and surf this rollicking chill wave.


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