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“Love Is Dead” Hazel English

by Katherine Butler

Indie-pop artist Hazel English continues to release stellar singles as we excitedly wait for her upcoming double EP, Just Give In / Never Going HomeRecently, the 25-year-old from Oakland, California released the fourth track off the eleven track 2X EP, “Love Is Dead.”

English has been known to impressively lace fresh feels into dreamy, 90s-like ballads in her songs, and “Love Is Dead” proves no exception.  Her shimmery beats will have you bobbing your head along, while also being lulled to relaxation.  Hazel has self-described her music as “transportive.  It makes you feel like you’re in a different place.”

The combination of English’s textured music, deep lyrics and neo-psychedelia aesthetic ensure listeners will be carried away by each of her songs.  As for the rest of Just Give In / Never Going Home, I am sure we can expect more of the same.

In English’s latest single, her anguished lyrics croon about a love that has run its course.  Specifically, she fearlessly reveals how she is ready for a new, fresh love to enter her life.

English will tour internationally throughout May, and you can pre-order Just Give In / Never Going Home here.

As for now, check out “Love Is Dead” below:

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