Live Show Review

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Henry Hall is talent.

by Adam Spera


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Henry Hall is talent. The guy’s got talent plain and simple. He also has courage; courage to express a vocal style that has never been done before. Henry puts a twist on scat vocals by channeling his inner child, making noises that he remembers making while he was carefree and full of joy. Not every artist is willing to express such a vulnerable emotional state.

Go see his performance if only to experience a truly authentic vocal style, if he doesn’t capture you vocally then his skills on the guitar will.

Henry Hall’s three-piece band packs a powerful punch. Their alternative rock sound works perfectly with Henry’s vocal style. Everything seems to fit together nicely without them trying too hard to be something they are not. Not only is Henry an authentic artist, the band in its entirety comes together to make a clean, clear, consistent musical performance. Right when you want to hear it, Henry busts out one of his wild guitar solos’.

There is nothing better than going to a rock show and seeing the lead guitarist really digging into their guitar to create something special. Henry Hall did not disappoint.


A New York Post article wrote a strange piece about Henry Hall which focused on his status as Julia Louis-Dreyfus son. The article insinuated that he could not be taken seriously. I strongly disagree with the article and I could almost guarantee that the writer has never actually listened to Henry’s music.

I spoke to him briefly after the show about the issue and he simply said he appreciates his parent’s support in his career; he sees no reason why somebody should think of his music differently just because of who his mom is – I couldn’t agree more.



Photos by Adam Spera

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