Hop Along Will Pick You Up And Definitely Not Let You Down.

By: Michelle Alexander

Hop Along is a charisma-soaked indie-folk foursome out of Philly.  Ready to wake your eardrums up, their sound resonates with vibrant alt-folk passion. Francis Quinlan delivers unwavering vocal ammo as she belts it out like a boss. The critically acclaimed band has just added another notch to their belt with the release of Painted Shut, a no holds barred album that is a surefire soundtrack to the reckless abandon of navigating life. Combine this with a nationwide tour and a dedicated fan base, Hop Along is proof that talent and tenacity can lead to big things.

Born from humble beginnings, Hop Along is the result of Quinlan creating her own style of senior project in high school. Originally known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis, Quinlan flew solo and released Freshman Year, an acoustic ode to her roots in the folk-freak scene, in 2005. Fast -forward a few years, with a shortened name, and a full band  infusing grunge into rambunctious folk tones, Hop Along evolved into the evocative folk sound we hear on Painted Shut .  Quinlan’s brother handles drums, completed by bassist Tyler Long and guitarist Joe Reinhardt.  Earning praise immediately from indie rock circles,  their 2012 full-length Get Disowned, is an attention grabbing rock n’ roll salute with a twist.

Now with a new album hot off the press, Hop Along presents a gripping follow-up to Get Disowned. Painted Shut is a stunning sequel that is packed with the band’s raw energy. Quinlan’s trademark vocals croon and crush through tracks. “Waitress” is rambunctious with cleverly executed intensity. No time is wasted as she howls and hums honest emotions over surging guitar layered with melodious, soaring velocity. This song is a shining example of the band’s ability to craft dynamics and create a calming sense of restlessness entwined with intimate storytelling. Personable and poignant, Hop Along will pick you up and definitely not let you down.

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