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From The Deepest Trenches of Their Souls | Modern Me “Waters”

by Adam Lamah of Modern Me

The members of this band are like perfect little puzzle pieces that just fit into each other and create songs out of nothing but a mere thought. It is always something different, it is always a different band member and it is always a random moment when BAM “I found it” I found this little melody that is going to roll down this slope of snow and eventually will turn into something bigger than all of us.

We play that part over and over again in our heads, we walk in and out of the practice room, living our lives in San Diego. We will be at work or in the cars or out and about and the next part will hit one of us. We bring it back to that little stage in Fallbrook, California where we practice until 1:00 A.M. and we scratch at that part over and over again until we find the gold beneath the surface. We don’t seem to plan these songs instead they knock on our door steps with a long pause between each knock. They come together and they breath and they touch us. They are always about the most current pieces of our lives and they are never a lie. They are always genuine and they are always from the deepest trenches of our souls, that no else can really quite understand but the specific individual.

This is how we write “songs”.

IMG_7959-2 by Addie Briggs.

I believe that every moment of a person’s life constantly changes who they are. So technically that person is always the newest and most up to date version of themselves, that they can possibly be at that given moment. They are always modern. Our band name, Modern Me, stems from that philosophy. That something is always drawing us closer, something is always getting better and each breath changes everything.

You can’t see music but you acknowledge it’s existence. It touches your soul like no other thing can. There are endless possibilities with only 12 notes. It’s mathematical and can never tell a lie without being caught. This is why we play it.

Our song “Waters” is about reflection, the concept of heaven and destiny.

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