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I Will Miss You | Chedda SK Talks New Release

By: Chedda SK 

Dear Fans and Friends,

If you have made it this far, thank you. As I release new music and embark on a journey of self discovery, I am overjoyed to have you as a companion.

In this moment I announce the official start to my latest body of work entitled I Will Miss You. This project was birthed from copious emotions and experiences that have entered my life since my debut release Forever Changed in 2014. For those that know me (and also for those that don’t), I hope you can truly feel my growth. I moved to New York City roughly two years ago, and over this time, a lot has changed for me.

Therefore, as spring arrives and eventually transitions to summer, each track on I Will Miss You plans to be released individually. It is my hope that each debut will provide a glimpse of my life frozen in specific moments in time. With each piece comes more insight. Upon full reveal, you will holistically enjoy the puzzle in its entirety.

Please understand, the reasons I titled this chapter in my existence accordingly are plentiful. But overall and most importantly, I finally feel that I’m exactly where I need to be. For a very long time now, I’ve had the same aspirations and goals: to truly find and express myself through art form. Once you know me, fully and honestly, without having ever met me, I will have succeeded. Although I am still far from that mountaintop, I know that I am on my way.

Previously, I couldn’t help but become laced with self doubt and fear. However now those feelings are nothing but faded photos. My current spirit embodies that of the elephants portrayed on my project artwork. Finally escaping forms of entrapment (metaphor by the grey cityscape), the majestic creatures journey to the rainforest where they belong – their true home.


I can’t stay. It wouldn’t be right. My home awaits. So whatever way you feel, please just know this…I Will Miss You.



CheddaSK, a natural transplant and it’s clear that NYC has proven to play tremendous influence to his latest installment: I Will Miss You. Laced with production from long time friend & partner, Mike Irish (as well as a few others), I Will Miss You explores topics & sonic boundaries untouched by our hero in the past.


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