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By: Chris Pizzolo

The underground music scene in New York City is spread across a litany of different genres, clubs, and social media apps, but none is more real than the increasingly popular underground hip-hop scene. Earlier this month we were immersed in a mind-blowing night of politically and socially conscious truth through powerful verses and fly beats by the talented emcees at ILLA LOBO.

ILLA LOBO is a community gathering celebrating the up and comers of NYC Underground Hip Hop curated by Pete the Lone Lobo of the electronic hip hop group Negative Death. That night, joining P. Cruz and Pete the Lone Lobo of Negative Death were Real iShmAel, DatSim…The Producer, Henny Mak, and Miky Hustles.

Henny Mak

Henny Mak

Real iShmAel

(L-R) P. Cruz and Pete the Lone Lobo of Negative Death


Miky Hustles

Photo by Stephany Cruz

DatSim…The Producer

Stay tuned for the next ILLA LOBO event but for now grab someone you love and gather around this ILLA CYPH video featuring some of the performers from that night.

Photos by Steph Cruz

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