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By Pete the Lone Lobo

Greetings good people of the world! I am Pete the Lone Lobo, one third of the electronic hip hop group Negative Death. I, along with Chris Pizzolo, co-founder of Play Too Much, have been putting together a string of  super dope hip hop shows called ILLA LOBO. The first ILLA LOBO took place last December and it was such an ill (pun intended) experience, we decided to do it again! Our most recent show, Illa Lobo 2 featured great artists on the bill, and I wanted to share some of their music and how I found out about a few of them.


ForDaBlok performing live at Illa Lobo 2 | photo by Stephanie Cruz


DJ NICK LO the house dj at Illa Lobo 2| photo by Stephanie Cruz

Lex Rush, a Queens native and champion emcee of Supreme Bars freestyle competition #supremebars. She caught my ear last year with her hard delivery and witty punch lines. I clearly remember cyphering outside of Black Bear Bar when a blond white girl comes out of nowhere and kills the cyph. Check out “Bagel and Lox” off her Really Every Day EP in the link attached. The whole EP is on point, but this song really captures her Queens swag while giving you a piece of her life story.

The Crowd At Hifi Records During Illa Lobo 2 | photo by Stephanie Cruz

The Crowd At Hifi Records During Illa Lobo 2 | photo by Stephanie Cruz

Crimdella is a Harlem native. We went to highschool together and he was one of the emcees I looked up to. His wordplay is clever as it is poignant, and over the years he’s developed the “zeusx” moniker that fits him as he definitely strikes with lightning when he jumps onto a track. For those unacquainted with his Harlem swag mixed with self awareness, and masterful observations “Logo” off his Godking mixtape is the perfect introduction to his music.  “Logo” gives a new spin on that traditional boom bap that makes it’s contemporary, and is also a smooth anthem you can rock to.

I became all full member of Negative Death in 2015 after a slew of shows and making music together with P. Cruz and G Spank . I was featured on the first Negative Death EP, “Conscious Pop” on “Strength (of the gods).” This song has sentimental value  because whenever I’d be picking up around the house, I’d sing to my son Logan, “strength of the gods! Doodoo dodo do dodoo!” I recorded this melody on my phone and sent it to P.Cruz. It inspired him to create the very first iteration of this song’s beat and chorus. Tengu, is also featured on this song and just obliterates it. Each verse on “Strength” represents a distinct mythical warrior’s perspectives, and is a delightful meal for the imagination while you get entranced by the electronic beat, and awed by Rebecca Turner who sings the chorus. Check it out in the link below:


Petrus Autem Solus Lupus

Pete The Lone Lobo is one half of the electronic conscious hip-hop duo Negative Death. Pete’s Illa Lobo hip-hop series have been creating a buzz around the New York City hip-hop scene and are only gaining momentum. You can find out more about future shows by visiting the Negative Death Facebook page.

All Photos By Stephanie Cruz

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