In The Record Shop With Jenny & Tyler

By: Chris Pizzolo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play in a band with your lover? Your mind probably automatically thinks about The White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Ike and Tina Turner, or maybe even Johnny Cash and June Carter. Recently I got to meet the husband and wife band, Jenny & Tyler. A couple that met, fell in love, made music and a family. Their most recent release Of This I’m Sure, is full of beautiful moments of triumphant love pop lyrics, gorgeous harmonies, and brilliant textures that make up this 12 song ode to love.

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It should be noted that this was Jenny and Tyler’s first time in Queens, New York!

We were fortunate enough to hang with the band at Hifi Records & Cafe for a cup of coffee and some great music. We talked about their career, family, and what’s next for the group.

Play Too Much: Ok so, I have to ask this. What came first the couple or the band?

Jenny: Officially the couple, but we were playing music together basically from the time we met, onward. It just wasn’t in a formal capacity or anything. I would back Tyler up at his shows…

Tyler: And I would back Jenny up at her shows.

Jenny: Yeah, we were playing shows at our college and at Starbucks at the time. It was a learning and growing experience.

Play Too Much: Do you remember when you guys met?

Jenny: It was on one of the university busses, he turned around and introduced himself. I thought he was incredibly attractive, and when I heard he played music it made it a little sweeter. We would see each other in the dining halls after that, but he forgot my name.

Tyler: I’ve always been bad with names [laughs]

Jenny: I think it took a few times, he doesn’t remember meeting me [laughs]

Tyler: Yes, but Jenny remembers it. She remembers what we were wearing!

Jenny: [laughs] It was a significant moment, I know it sounds cheesy but it was a special moment.

Jenny with the new Glen Hansard record.

Jenny with the new Glen Hansard record.

Play Too Much: It definitely doesn’t sound cheesy. Do you remember the first song you guys ever wrote together?

Jenny: Hm, I think the first original was called “American Dream”, it was on our first record and it was awful [laughs]

Tyler: [laughs] It’s not awful! We haven’t listened to it in years though, I bet if we did it would be pretty fun!

Play Too Much: You guys have come a long way since that first record. How have things changed since getting signed to Residence Music?

Tyler: It’s really great because we don’t have to focus on everything, so now we can focus on our writing and our fans. Also, the quality of everything has gone up, for marketing, photos, and touring – it’s great.

PTM: Have you noticed that being signed has effected your touring?

Tyler: Yeah. They [Residence Music] are pretty supportive. We really value what they think, so we asked them to check out rehearsals and give feedback. It feels affirming, to have the help.

PTM: That’s amazing. Do you guys have to play up the married thing a lot?

Tyler: Not really, mostly because it’s a given – but we have two young children so there is a family component to touring together. It’s been an adventure man.

PTM: Do you guys ever worry about falling into the Osmonds, or Partridge family kind of thing?

Tyler: Well they are only 2 years old, and 6 months old, so we don’t have to worry about performing with them yet [laughs]

Tyler with the most recent Laura Marling record.

Tyler with the most recent Laura Marling record.

PTM: What’s been your biggest moment to date in your musical career?

Jenny: Since this record, we got to open for Josh Garrels which was huge because we were playing in front of so many people. But on most nights when we are playing we tend to look at each other and think “How did we get here?”

PTM: How do you think you got here?

Tyler: Over the years, it’s been a real slow and steady build.  It’s been word of mouth. We did a lot of house concerts.

Jenny: We also were using Noise Trade nearly 7 years ago, and at the time it was so amazing because it wasn’t oversaturated. It helped us move from Delaware to Nashville and grow an audience outside of Delaware.

PTM: Tell me more about the new record, what makes Of This I’m Sure different than the last record?

Tyler: Beside the obvious that we worked with a new producer – which is amazing. It’s an album of love, and all different kinds. Family love, baby love, romantic love, divine love, and it all comes across. We wanted to capture the depth of love, the tumultuous nature, and also the light nature of it. We wanted it to sound like an ocean and Gabe did an incredible job. It’s also different for us because we have a consistent theme.

Jenny: Yeah, we are touring with a full band now because we want the songs to have the same sound that the record has. In the past everything was acoustic.

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