Like Uploading Your Most Vivid Memories to a Cloud of Self Identity | Jake SM “Marble Words”

by Chris Pizzolo

“Marble Words” is the latest release from Jake SM, the Newlywed Records artist based out of Brooklyn New York. The track features bouncy 808 style beats, and an easy going vocal performance that makes this song the perfect mid-day chill track.

“Marble Words” also comes complete with a brilliant music video created by Jake. The video is a nearly 4 minute stop motion-esque journey from the creative space where instruments live to the creative space where the creative lives.

Juxtaposing the creative “process” over a myriad of backdrops, the video, for me, chronicles the process of expelling cherished memories onto a canvas of artistic expression. Almost like uploading your most vivid memories to a cloud of self identity, Jake’s Marble Words video gives a rich synthetic texture to his smooth song.

If there’s one video you watch today, this needs to be it!

jacob sachs-mishalanie 8-5-16-0419 (1)

photo by Eian Kantor


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