A Conversation with Jay Som

by Gina Ravuth

Jay Som Interview @ The Masquerade show in Atlanta, GA


Play Too Much: Today marks your 7th show on tour. How has it been for you so far?

Jay Som: It’s been phenomenal. All the bands, crew, tour manager and just everybody – they’re just good people to be around and I’m here by myself too so it was kinda scary but I feel everyone’s gotten to the point where we’re all buds now.

PTM: What’s it like with Mitski and Japanese Breakfast – knowing it’s three all Asian-American women touring at once?

JS: It’s been incredible. When I first heard the bill, being like me, Japanese Breakfast and Mitski, I remember thinking I don’t think that’s ever happened in history like all three Asian-American women on one tour. It’s crazy to even think about it but it’s even crazier to think that I am apart of it too. And what’s so important to me is that other younger girls and women in general can see that all of us are together and be inspired by that.


PTM: What has been the most exciting part? Any crazy adventures?

JS: Yesterday we stayed at one of the member’s parents house and they had a lake next to it. It was beautiful, it was in NC. It was hot but the lake was super warm. We went into the jacuzzi and just hung out, made dinner. It’s funny that I say that because everyone always expects the show that’s fun.

PTM: How are you liking the south?

JS: I really like it. It’s pretty, lots of open spaces, and people are interesting. I definitely want to come  back when not touring and explore more. I was pretty excited to come to Atlanta because I know people who have moved here and have said it’s a pretty nice place to live. I also love everyone’s accents. It’s so cute! I can hear it in your voice, too. It’s fun going to different places and getting to hear everyone’s accents. They’re all different.


PTM: What’s been the most challenging part so far for you on tour?

JS: It’s kinda hard to answer because there hasn’t been super challenging moments on tour. Everything’s been easy and calm. Not to say that I don’t care like I’m taking everything easy it’s because the circumstances and everything surrounding the shows going well has to do with the people doing their jobs. So the most difficult thing is probably trying to get over my nerves for a show so it’s very daunting because all of the shows have been sold out up until now. The thing about Mitski’s crowd is that everyone is so respectful. They’re there for the music and listen. I feel like it’s the cream of the crop kind of audience of young music listeners. As an opener, I want to put on a good show and it’s all about the nerves that’s difficult.

PTM: What was the process of writing “I Think You’re Alright?”

JS: It’s actually an old song and wrote it last year. It’s basically a re-release that came out like last week. So, it’s kinda a personal song to me. I think it’s one of the first songs where I felt brave enough to have lyrics that were in open because usually I don’t care about lyrics at all. They always come last in the writing process but for that one I built the song around the lyrics and the meaning of the song. It’s not exactly a love song. It’s about giving your all to someone that you shouldn’t. It’s about, like, I guess being okay with what you have even though they’re like a destructive person for you. I am so glad with the response that it’s been getting. Someone told me that it was their song with their boyfriend, and I thought that’s cool. I never thought that people would like that song. I was kinda scared about putting that out.

PTM: What have you been listening to recently?

JS: *pulls out Spotify* I have really dumb titles for all of my playlists, it’s fun stuff. I got 80s, I got Drake, you know. Lately everyone in the band, we’ve been jokingly singing and recalling all of our favorite late 90s and early 2000s songs so a lot of like Sheryl Crow in there, lots of new metal, Natasha Bedingfield, all of that Britney Spears, Nickleback. I actually don’t listen to a lot of music. But for a newer band, Deer Hoof’s new album, The Magic is real good!

via Topshelf Records

via Topshelf Records


Photos by Gina Ravuth

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