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Jesiah And The Story Behind “Walls”


By: Jesiah

History may repeat itself but we’re not forced to repeat history.  I remember it being December because I could remember the Christmas decorations. I had just watched a documentary on the fall of the Berlin wall.

I was working on a lot of different songs when I wrote “Walls”. I was co-writing with some big name artists but “Walls” suddenly became more important  to me than the others when I typed the chorus and read it back.

“Oh we scream, we shout we’re ready, till the walls start crumbling down”
It was grounded in history and a metaphorical place where we could all relate.

I recall then writing the verses which were full of contrasting imagery of two opposite people laying claim to the same place in life.  I like contrast; it gives the listener’s mind an opportunity to connect the dots.

“I’m a brick layer” with the response “I’m a wall slayer” followed by “I’m an artist, I’m a vandalist”.

I’m a huge Banksy fan and I love that he changed a lot of people’s minds on graffiti. It was once considered vandalism and now it’s considered a valuable art medium.


Around the time that the Berlin wall was built was the same time that the space race was heating up. I think the pre chorus is probably the most cryptic part of the entire song. It was intended that way; every generation thinks the previous generation is wrong and blind to similar mistakes.  The country was really polarized about going to the moon and I drew parallels from that thought.

The music I composed gave the narrative a very optimistic outlook.  The Japanese taiko drums and loose group vocals were for a larger feel.  Maybe a sound bigger than myself. Maybe it’s a story that is bigger than myself.  I haven’t decided, you’ll have to decide for yourself and let me know.

Jesiah Dzwonek began recording under the artist name Jesiah following the success of the multi-platinum hit Cool Kids that he co-wrote for Echosmith in which he coined the phrase “I wish that I could be like the cool kids”. Being a multi-instrumentalist producer, after a year of hard work wearing many hats he found himself with a thirteen-song debut album fully written, recorded and produced by solely himself.




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