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Josh Tobias Tackles Vulnerability On “Still Want Me”

By: Josh Tobias

“Still Want Me” is a song that I’ve wanted to write for a while. When you’re in a long term relationship, sometimes you get insecure about whether or not your other half still feels the same way about you. At times you lose the fire and unity you once had and it can start to feel as if you’re headed in different directions. It has happened to me and I think everyone ultimately experiences it over time. It’s a very vulnerable feeling and I wanted to capture that feeling through concise and powerful writing and production.

My friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Dom Rosenfeld, helped me write the core of the track, which started over a simple guitar riff without any other elements. After sitting on it for a few days, I felt like the production had to be bolder. I added violin and commissioned by friend Dustin Martin to help beef it up. He added electric guitar and some other subtle elements that gave it a new dimension. He helped darken the texture and it aligned nicely to the message of the track.

Although it’s much different than the Nu Disco meets R&B sound of my previous release “Beachside Lover.”

I think this piece of content really speaks to who I am as a writer and is a powerful vehicle of emotion for a wide audience of listeners. It also represents a different side of me as an artist. I never want to be pigeon-holed or defined by one particular sound or genre. A lot of times new artists get stuck trying to recreate the magic of their first single, but magic can’t be ‘recreated’, it has to be inspired and come from somewhere real. ‘Still Want Me’ is another step on my journey, and I hope people are down to take that ride with me.

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