Summer Thing with Josh Tobias


by Joey DiFrancesco

Josh Tobias is an emerging songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from New York City. His father (Toby Tobias) is a world-traveling professional musician and accredited with teaching him how to play guitar at a young age. Josh has been songwriting for over a decade and is largely inspired by The Beatles and Prince. Although he thoroughly enjoys production his true passion is in writing music, which in his opinion is by far the most important aspect of any piece of content. Josh says, “you sing along to the writing of a record, not the production,” adding “the lyrics and vocal melodies are most memorable.” We asked him what theme or topic he enjoys writing most about and he decisively responded with “love.”

JT seems to have a knack for writing about specifically summer love. Two years ago it was the sultry “Beachside Lover”, his debut single that closed out Labor Day and gave listeners a romantic playlist addition to take with them into the fall. This year it’s “Summer Thing”, a feel-good acoustic pop track that too delivers messaging about summery relationships, but this time rather about ephemeral flings. Josh told us, “Summer Thing is about the freedom of being young, short-lived flings and not taking love and relationships too serious,” adding “love doesn’t have to be so heavy.”

Although JT strayed from his signature funk-infused pop style on this latest single, which could risk alienating his fans, he seems to have pulled it off by sticking to his frequented formula of catchy lyrics & melodies.


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