Study your past. Study your history. Study your music. | A conversation with Juan de Marcos González [PODCAST]

By: Chris Pizzolo

I was presented with the opportunity to interview Juan de Marcos González through a very good friend of mine who was working at his rehearsal studio. Initially I was hesitant about interviewing Mr. González because I felt intimidated by his reputation; his impact on Cuba and on music in general.

I also felt intimidated because I had only recently become aware of his work, but after mustering up the courage to approach this living icon, I learned that one person’s ability to make a difference is an opportunity for the world to become a better place. In Mr.González case, he is doing that through music. Podcast image (1)


On this episode of the Play Too Much Podcast Juan de Marcos González, most notably known as the band leader of the Afro-Cuban Allstars, sheds beautiful insight on his life as a traveling musician, being the parent of musicians and the importance of knowing your roots. Also, our host P.Cruz, of the alternative hip hop group Negative Death, introduces us to Lucy Camp and gives a preview of our most recent Field Trip 3 session video.

Thanks so much to Nick Booth for editing this episode, to Hector Merejo Jr and Astoria Soundworks Studios for allowing us to record at their studio, to Brian Kozlowski for the photos, and to Noisetrade for making this podcast possible.

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