Kadhja Bonet: Latenight Munchies

By: Néstor David Pastor

I have to assume there is a drug simply called velvet. It just melts you. You feel euphoric, blessed to waft through each moment, suddenly light, carefree. It’s addictive of course. You can’t get enough of it. Thankfully, I am describing a track by Kadhja Bonet and not a more destructive habit. The song is called “Latenight Munchies” and has been on my rotation for months. It’s made the transition from harsh New York winter to calm, breezy summer, smooth.  Produced by RJ and Mark Maxwell for the Red Bull Music Academy, it came out more than a year ago. But that shouldn’t matter. There is a timeless quality to the song that blends R&B with a jazzy, electronic sound. The voice is airy and lilting; the beat heavy, collapsing into a sparse, deep bass groove. Then there is the solo. Two minutes of melody-induced bliss followed by a haunting outro that completely eviscerates the first four minutes of the song. For all intents and purposes, “Latenight Munchies” is as heavenly as its namesake.

As a bonus, Kadhja Bonet recently released a cover of “Yesterday” by the Beatles. It’s a sparse version, tastefully accompanied on electric bass that is also worth checking out.

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