Live Show Review

Hailey Knox | Unpredictable, Soulful, and Lyrically Unique

By: Adam Spera

While still in High School, Hailey Knox has managed to lock down over 73,000 fans and just under 2 million views on websites like YouTube and YouNow. Her bootstrap style of content creation has rewarded her with a solid committed fan base.

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After seeing her play live at The Box, I quickly understood what is so special about this sprouting rock star. She uses a guitar-and-loop style which she used to create amazingly complex sound structures. She didn’t just play a guitar rhythm that looped for the rest of the song, she would put packages of sounds together that would become the chorus, a verse, or something completely unique. Unpredictable, soulful, and lyrically unique, Hailey Knox is the whole package when it comes to what we want to see in an artist.


My favorite song by Hailey so far is her single, “Geeks.” The song is about being an outcast, and how being an outcast is actually what is going to bring you peace.  The song conveys such a soulful feel that it is hard to imagine that this is coming from a 17 year old. Hailey’s authentic bluesy feel combined with her intelligent song structure gains her some serious chops as a musician.

On top of all her talent and creativity, Hailey is just a fun person to watch perform. Hailey can make the audience laugh, and at the same time share a piece of her personal experiences in life to a group of strangers. The audience, myself included, immediately were captivated by her personality. She has a true passion for what she does and approaches it with zero fear. Somehow everybody in the room was able to detect that. I have my eye on Hailey, and so should you, because talent like this doesn’t go unnoticed for long.

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