Laurel Returns With “San Francisco”

By: Adam Spera

UK born singer/songwriter Laurel Arnell-Cullen has done it again with her second release of the year, “San Francisco.” Following her initial release, “Life Worth Living,” “San Francisco” brings out her hauntingly romantic vocal style.

“San Francisco” starts on a film noir styled beat that’s reminiscent of a classic Tarantino-esque scene. Laurel has vocally achieved a deeply moody sound that oozes emotion as it slowly hypnotizes the listener. Anyone who has felt loss at one time or another can feel the emotional charge at the song’s peak as the instrumentation comes into full swing. Perhaps what’s so impressive about the song is that Laurel is not only the vocalist, but is the song’s producer, writer, and mixing engineer.

Boasting over 9 million Spotify streams Laurel is gaining popularity among singer songwriters. Channeling Florence and the Machine, Laurel has a powerful emotive presence that brings depth and richness to her lyrics. Her version of alternative pop is a much needed addition to the world of music.

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