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Rewarding Is An Understatement | Ben Goerzen of Limestone Chorus on their new track “Woods and Water”

by Ben Goerzen of Limestone Chorus

“Woods and Water” was written without warning. Like most songs, I find myself enthused almost instantaneously, the song poured on to paper organically and wrote itself.

Roughly four years ago, in the Fall of 2012, prior to the founding of Limestone Chorus (previously known as Shore Thing during band formation) I was sitting on my parents deck recovering from surgery. I was home from school that semester while recovering and my mind had plenty of time to race, and usually not in optimistic directions. That afternoon I felt particularly uneasy, most likely leading to some anxiety.

From those thoughts I realized so much of the comfort and familiarity in my life comes from two constants; where I feel at home, and from the people who I love and reciprocate that love. These themes drive the tune for myself, and simultaneously bring out all the feels.


During that time I was listening to a lot of Good Old War, Dan Griffin and Said The Whale. Whether it was subconscious or not, these artists definitely impacted the writing style of “Woods and Water”. These bands, among others, are strong influences throughout Limestone Chorus musicians. There are certain bands, musicians as well as songs that inspire us through such musical creativeness and ingenuity. We certainly admire and appreciate the musicianship and overall style of these bands.

Writing music can quickly become extremely personal at times, particularly when writing from individual experiences. This tune being written in solitude, and drawing from my own personal vulnerability, I would have never imagined releasing this song with a band. That being said, it has been so rewarding to hear the feedback from listeners. How certain people have felt and the connections they’ve been able make with my words; rewarding is an understatement. It is the single best experience as a songwriter and (depending on the person) as human beings to find these relations.

These experiences have definitely coaxed the Limestone Chorus writers to make such connections, striving to write music that people can relate to and explore themes listeners can understand.


“Wood and Water” is off their new album Deer Friends out now via IndoorShoes Music

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