Linus Young Live + NEW VIDEO

By: Chris Pizzolo

A few ago nights I had the pleasure of going to check out indie-folk rockers Linus Young.  Now, this is a band who I had brief exposure to from checking out their captivating, post apocalyptic mind-fuck video for “City Of Sin”. My initial feeling towards the band was that they were cool…pretty much just that, like a band that I didn’t imagine myself getting warm and fuzzy inside for. However, after seeing them live with my own two eyes, I have to say that my perspective on the band has changed. I get it. I get the bigger picture of who Linus Young are. They are a group of musicians writing sparkly pop, doused in gasoline and reproductive fluids. They aren’t your typical indie-folk band, and they aren’t your modern glam-pop artist.

Somewhere in the ether sits a category for everything. Every genre, every sub-genre, every thought, and sub-thought alike. When it comes to Linus Young, my instinct is to tell you who they sound like. Ya know, “a mix between this, and a mix between that.” Now I’m sitting here thinking to myself; If I tell you that, am I doing anyone justice? I think the answer is no. I think I’d be polluting the your thoughts by saying that Linus Young is a band that sounds like dirty Alabama rock mixed with sunny California daydreams. Yet I feel an appointed duty to do so, especially when I hear a dark song like “City of Sin” because I’m left asking myself, is this the same band that is responsible for a song called “Fun In The Sun?”

If you’re browsing around on Youtube for videos of Linus Young, looking to accept them in the digital atmosphere, it may be difficult to connect. However, let me tell you something. Go to a club. Watch these guys walk on stage, plug in their instruments, and after just a few measures, you’ll know this band is the real deal. Dynamite stage presence, pure intentions, fun, the works. They strike me as a band that likes to party hard, but likes to work and write music harder.

Check out their brand new video for Fun In The Sun  and tell us what you think!

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