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Live from Hifi Records: Bria Monet & Negative Death

By: Play Too Much 

Now that summer is winding down we get to relive some of our favorite moments from this hot and sweaty season. Trust us there were plenty but one special day in particular was the grand opening celebration of Hifi Records & Cafe in Queens, New York. This special day marked the opening of a musical and cultural landmark in a beloved pocket of New York City.

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Among the smiles and cheers were two outstanding performances. First was Bria Monet’s powerful performance of her original track “Here Nor There”. What makes Bria such a special artist is her ability to passionately articulate her soulful lyrics over such strong instrumental accompaniment.

Following Bria Monet’s beautiful performance was Negative Death. Negative Death transformed the vibe of the record store, energizing everyone physically and mentally. Front man and MC Paul Payabyab-Cruz has a way of delivering important messages to an audience that never seems imposing or judgmental. He definitely leaves you aware and thinking.

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Photos by: Paul Payabyab-Cruz, and Stephanie Cruz

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