Live From Refuge Recording | Moon Hooch “Low 2” (VIDEO)

by Sara Waber

My sister, Julianne, first introduced me to Moon Hooch (not the dudes themselves, but their music) at least 6 years ago. I remember the funky sounds of trumpet and saxophone coming from her bedroom.

Their tracks were like a rhythmic adventure, jumping from one unique sound to the next that eventually assembled into this bold piece of music. I couldn’t believe she just happened to stumbled across the trio in Columbus Circle, back in their busking days.
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Fast forward to a bitterly cold afternoon in February- I was lucky enough to invite Julianne and her best friend, Alina, to a private session with Moon Hooch. When the buzzer rang at Refuge Recording we ran downstairs and welcomed James, Mike and Wenzl into the studio.

They carried in  gigantic hardshell cases that housed instruments that are nearly a century old.  From the first note that bounced off the studio walls we knew that these guys were the real deal.  The band is arguably the best contemporary instrumental trio of this decade.

Perhaps the reason that they are so prolific in their music is because of their love and the work dynamic they share amongst one another. The group candidly admitted towards the end of the session that it’s not always easy to be a band, but it’s their passion and commitment that keeps them determined and I think those qualities will make Moon Hooch relevant for a long time to come.

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In traditional Play Too Much fashion, we set up a vibe, and we let the guys do their thing. The session above features the track “Low 2” off their most recent record This Is Cave Music, available anywhere fine records are sold!

In case the dudes weren’t talented enough, join them on their behind the scenes culinary journey 😉

This session is presented by U-Turn Audio and was recorded live at Refuge Recording.

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