Live From Refuge Recording Museyroom “Ballad” + “It Won’t Change Now”

By Jack Donovan of Museyroom

Pearly Whites is a studio album, meaning we created the songs with the unlimited possibilities of the modern studio in mind. In the making of the album, we tried to stretch the boundaries of our collective imagination, employing a high density of layers and diversity of sounds within songs.

The idea itself of creating an album in the studio, as opposed to playing the songs live and then recording them, was heavily influenced by the albums Sgt Pepper’s and Pet Sounds. Conceptually, these two albums revealed to us the notion that the recording itself could be a piece of art and not merely a medium to communicate art.

“Ballad” and “It Won’t Change Now”, the songs featured here, are anomalous in that they are the only ones we play live fromPearly Whites. More so than the other songs on the album, they were primarily created outside of the studio and, thus, were less influenced by the recording process. Musically, these two songs were influenced by Elliot Smith, Pile, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Crosby, Stills and Nash.

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