Guest Blog Post

“Living Right” with Beauty Sleep

By Beauty Sleep

“Living Right” is about feeling restless with your life choices, as I’m sure everyone does at some stage! About imagining getting up the next day and creating a whole new life for yourself. Move to Spain and work on a farm. Get a ‘real job’ and settle down. Craving a big dramatic change that would make you feel like you fit in a bit better but realizing that persevering and keeping on your current path will get you further. You don’t need to conform or change, you have it right already.

I was having a really quiet few months with music and just wanted to get up and make a change so that life could feel a bit more exciting. My ‘Living Right’ daydreams are always either becoming an Air Host or a Builder. Something that would be outdoors and moving around a lot, and surrounded by people. Music can be very ‘alone in your bedroom/studio’ for weeks on end and it can get quite tiring. So I was imagining that. But I don’t think I ever actually could live that parallel life, I’d miss music too much!

Beauty Sleep Trio

It’s always so exciting to have a song released into the world! I’m just really happy that people seem to like it. We’ve had a few lovely comments from people about the words being really meaningful to them, or someone messaging us at 3am saying they can’t stop listening to it! It’s an amazing feeling to make a connection with a stranger based on this song you wrote. That will never stop being magical.

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