Madaila “Excelsior” Live From Astoria Soundworks (VIDEO)

by Chris Pizzolo

Meet Madaila, a Burlington based psych pop band with jam rock roots.What was supposed to be a Facebook live session at a record shop turned into a full production shoot at a rehearsal studio and we’re glad it did.

We were at Hifi Records when the guys of Madaila rolled up in their tour van. Floor to ceiling, their vehicle was stacked with amps, instruments, and goodies from the previous night’s gig, which was a four hour drive away.
Needless to say when the guys suggested that they perform “Excelsior”, we needed to find a way to capture the song at full volume, guns blazing. It was the least we could do. So, we headed over to Astoria Soundworks and let the guys plug in and do their thing. The result is today’s beautiful featured session of “Excelsior.”

Now, if you’ve heard the band’s latest release Traces you’d know that this is one of finest albums of 2016. A proper full length where each song is equally crafted and nurtured. Reminiscent of HAIM’s Days Are Gone and The Top Gun Soundtrack (just kidding on that one, kind of) the record is tastefully epic. Songs like “Nurture” and “Children Of The Stars” make it cool to like distorted guitars again.

Believe me when I say, this video was as fun to film as is to watch. Enjoy!

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