Live Show Review

Mike Hubbard Takes Pianos

By Adam Spera 

On Tuesday, May 3rd we had the pleasure of seeing Mike Hubbard’s first day of residency at Pianos. The atmosphere was full of fun, light hearted, energy. Each band seemed to compliment the other which shows that Pianos is doing a great job of setting up their artists.

The show began with the badass Katie Buchanan. With a wild head of hair she sang her folky, country, rock lyrics into the audiences heart. Katie’s voice has a Kansas flair that sails perfectly through this folky rock band’s sound. From brushes to mallets drummer Goh Izawa plays a variety of different styles to perfectly support the bands overall sound. Backed up by the grooving Lauren Falls on bass, the drummer-bassist foundation is set in stone. Goh and Lauren provide solid ground for electric keyboardist Christian Nourijanian to add a modern element to Katie’s country rock blues. It was too soon that Katie played her final song, “Glow in the Dark.”

Katie 2 Katie Buchanan

It was Mike Hubbard’s first day of residency at Pianos and it was well worth the initial wait. Mike’s five man band packs a bright full sound that fills the room with energy. Together they create an extremely fun pop/indie sound. Like all the best pop songs, the lyrics tell a thought provoking story while at the same type providing a creatively catchy melody. Guitarist Ameya Kalamdani stands out with periodic shredding solos’ that not only dropped our jaw but melted faces as well.


To close out the show we had the folk country band Messy Beds. The band included their manager, “Messy Bear” who watched closely over the band by sitting on the base drum throughout the show. Zac Messik and Will Bednar are a story-telling folk band that is both interesting and entertaining.

Messy Beds (1)

The band has a sense of humor which works well with their quirky messy suit presentation.  Messy Beds are a more laid back acoustic band that draws you in by sharing a story rather than blow out your eardrums. They were a great ending to what turned out to be a really great show at Pianos.

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