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NAV & The Weeknd’s “Some Way”

by Chelsea Lim

Alternative R&B artist The Weeknd garners attention once again with his recently released single “Some Way” with Canadian rapper/producer NAV.

The song is simple in both its content and instrumentation, suggesting a quick nod to the sound of his mixtape days as he lightly sings over a softer hip-hop track.

As his studio album Starboy has become widely successful for both its lyrical and musical content, this new song exposes The Weeknd’s most original sound, the cooler and darker R&B that gained him initial attention.

NAV, a Toronto rapper and producer currently signed under The Weeknd’s label XO, has been known for his collaborative underground work with other rappers and hip hop producers such as Metro Boomin.  He increases his own momentum by having the single under his name as well as having his rap vocals incorporated into the song.

“Some Way” appears to be a pure single release but could possibly hint at a return to an older, more alternative sound after The Weeknd’s recent experimental body of work.  Perhaps it will serve as the introduction NAV needs to strike out on his own and release his own solo debut.

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