Neutral Tones Returns With Portraiture

by Chris Pizzolo

The latest release from Neutral Tones, the moniker of singer songwriter N. David Pastor, is a chilling two song EP that returns with the similar motifs and elaborate acoustic arrangements as his debut self titled release. The difference this time around is the record was produced by friend and long time co-collaborator Zeno Pitarelli aka Bad Cello. This record features a much more prominent bass presence compared to his last record and also features some left of center textures that make for a rich listening experience. 

Some of the most beautiful moments  in particular are on the mini epic “God The Devil and Orpheus” the multi-faceted moody poem that journeys through the dark with gorgeous string arrangements and synths. On “Etta James” Pastor stays loyal to his signature sound but introduces much more playful textures including a bouncy high-octave piano part that gives the song a more sassy step.

It’s exciting to see what comes next for Pastor and this project. For more on Neutral Tones visit his Bandcamp page here.

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