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New Play Too Much Podcast: Based God + Nancy + Tyler Lyle

By: Ilana Michelle Rubin

Michael Wolf and Colin O’Brien are neither women named Nancy or whimpish boys no matter how much they identify with the latter. I mean, would sissy boys be part of, O.S.F.U.G., the most punk rock sketch show in all of NYC? Would they have put out not one but TWO musical comedy albums?! Would they have worked tirelessly to also write a twenty five minute musical, “Nancy: Home is Where the Songs Is”, about a haunted timeshare in Massachusetts?! Well, maybe because ghosts are a fascinating subject for everyone. But that’s besides the point!

Their current album Scream the Hits paints hilarious visual images that would make Van Gogh smile. Their humor does what a lot of mainstream musical comedy aims to do and goes beyond. They highlight the humor in awkward moments that come about through real human experiences, all while tugging on your delicate heartstrings.

In this week’s episode of the Play Too Much Podcast, Mark and I got to sit down with the fellas of Nancy to chat about all that they have going on. You’re gonna wanna listen so you can say you heard them on this podcast before they blew up. and got bigger than the only island.

Also, in this episode is Chris’ interview with the brilliantly talented Tyler Lyle, a Georgia native who is a world traveler and world class artist. Catch his live performance of “Young Men” after his interview. His most recent release “The Native Genius of Desert Plants” is available, and you can catch his beautiful Play Too Much session videos below.

This podcast is brought to you by the Chain Theater and Hifi Records & Cafe.

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