Nighttime Adventure Society “At Either End” | The Stay-In Anthem of This Past Holiday Season

By Leann Bescript


The Nighttime Adventure Society is a self-proclaimed group of mischievous pranksters, lead by fiery front woman Laura Zax, who flaunts her melodic magic on their newest holiday release “At Either End.

The cheery tune is a lo-fi indie-pop ballad suitable for a group clap, which perfectly embodies the calm and happiness (and also the simultaneous restlessness and laziness) that come with being back at home for the holidays.

Coming home for the holidays means blending your new self with the old selves of your youth. Add in some forced family bonding, plus some presents that you’ll likely return or regift within the next week, and there’s a good chance you might lose your mind before the dawn of the new year…or maybe you can just resort to lying on the couch all day watching reality tv with your distant uncle.

Luckily, Zax forgives us for our holiday hangovers when she sings: “You know it’s okay, we’re all just a little lazy, I guess we’re a little lazier.” In the music video, directed by Jon DiMaio, Zax is shown changing her mind about leaving the house for the day, and instead stays in to write this song, drinks coffee and hangs out on the couch in her fuzzy slippers.

During the dramatic high-point of the song, Zax croons “And time, time has left its mark upon me, and nothing feels the same…I like your hands at either end trying to push the poles of my mind back together, again,” which speaks to the feeling of returning home to find the places and people have not changed, but the one thing that is different is you.

It may seem all too overwhelming but having The Nighttime Adventure Society to hold your hand and sing sweetly in your ears, makes this wake-up call a tiny bit more bearable.


As December came and went, we’re bombarded with multiple major holidays in a short span of a few weeks. It’s easy to get swept up in all the cheer and merriment. But after the dust and crumpled wrapping paper settle, there’s nothing quite like listening to some new music while exploring your old stomping grounds, to get your head back on straight and to launch yourself into a new year of even more changes.

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