Out From Behind The Camera, Artist Zach Surp Releases First Offical Music Video

by Sara Waber

Zach Surprenant has amassed a large following over the years as an accomplished videographer, producer, and traveler. With his latest project as Zach Surp,  Zach has shifted from behind the camera to in front of it.

Releasing a music video for his original song titled, “NoNoNo”, Zach Surp has created a funky r & b inspired song about the perils of vulnerability. His soothing vocals combined with his drumming and additional live instrumentations demonstrate strong promise for the New York based singer songwriter.


After listening to the song’s honest message we asked Zach to tell us a little more about the recording. Rather than Skyping or emailing us his answers he sent a hand written note.


“Nonono is aboutta situation witha girl I was pretty into recently, she hadda sweet style and lotsa fun however our conversations weren’t breaking through the first layer n it kinda drove me crazy cuz all the time I really just thought she was interesting n wanted to hear what was going on inside, but she was pretty unresponsive.
I’d been recording a ton around that time (summer 2016) and took these thoughts directly to the studio in brooklyn. Pretty sure this one is 100% analog instruments as I wanted to keep it as genuine as possible.

Once the situation was brought to the surface with the gal, it was obvious we wouldn’t be moving forward together, I played her the tune and I’m sure I’ll see her in the future.

I’d been scouting this specific location for a few years now, so I was psyched how this turned out. I’d been cruising with my friend Najla around the Adirondacks in upstate NY and this one specific night I had a truck my Jordan jersey so decided to shoot it quickly. Did this in 3 takes, took about 15mins shoot time.

Hope ya dig the vid!”


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