NWLYWD: Love at First Listen

by Michelle Taryn

It’s time to set your dial to daydream-mode and get lost in the melodic riffs of Sterling and Sammy Wilson’s loving collaboration, NWLYWD. A real life romance translates to a soulful congruence of sounds on their first full-length release, Tidepooling.


Born and raised under the electricity of Las Vegas, both Sterling and Sammy had been cultivating their own individual musical expression before meeting one night while Sammy was handling door duty for her father’s band. The two quickly hit it off as friends, bonding as kindred musical spirits. This comradery later bloomed into love and marriage. For Sterling and Sammy, combining their talents was the next sensible move. Cue the birth of NWLYWD.

Tidepooling is an up close and personal indie folk album ready to win you over with crisp, soaring odes to life lessons learned, connections with nature, and the realness of everything in between. You’ll be kept on your toes throughout the listening process. Just when you start to drift into the sweet crooning of the Wilson’s, the whispers suddenly turn into triumphant jolting chants of lyrical lightning. Dancing comes easily in this album, but it possesses more complexities than simple grooves. The couple’s respective songwriting and instrument abilities shine through in perfect balance with their vocals. An impulse to stomp your feet and sing along is a normal element of experiencing each of the 12 tracks. There is a sense of urgency that flows through each song, keeping even the most attention deficit prone eardrums engaged.

Tidepooling is a perfect specimen of frolicsome, indie folk flavor with heart. To generalize, NWLYWD is in the strain of sound makers like Mates of State, Belle & Sebastian, or Architecture in Helsinki, but comparisons aside, the duo is a force all their own. With the daunting task of crafting a skillfully charismatic, reflective debut under their belt, the proof is present.

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