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Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around | An Inside Look At Sego’s New Record

By: Spencer Peterson of Sego

Although there is an actual narrative and real meaning behind these songs, I’m not out to blow anyone’s mind.  Maybe poke at it a little bit, I guess.  Up to this point, there are many ways that my anomalous life could have gone.  Forks in the road.  Choices close doors.  I suppose everyone reflects upon the preceding chapter of his or her life with hindsight.  I am certainly guilty of sentimental and gratuitous musings, in that it’s easy to wonder just what the heck happened and attempt to derive meaning.  Often time there is none.  Sometimes there is.  Or you just create meaning.  I’m not always sure.

This record is basically about life in flux.  It outlines my 20’s, both thematically and chronologically.  I started off on a particular path (orchestral bassist) in Utah and ended up on another (indie rock guitarist) in Los Angeles.  There is a lot of romance in recklessly leaving the program behind in pursuit of something that appears to be less diluted.  The interesting part, I find, is what happens after that.  The overarching idea is then this lack of the proverbial arrival or confusion with the concept itself.  A coming of age, but not quite making age.

An anecdote: Upon arrival to Los Angeles (Eagle Rock) from Utah, we (former band Eyes Lips Eyes that brought me and Thomas to California) had this cool little house in the hills where we could hear gun shots at night and a flock of parrots would land in our palm trees every morning.  The first song that I wrote contained the chorus “I’ve got a plan / Let’s go get lost to get found again.”  Heeeeavily entrenched in this new-world-romance.  This record is thus aptly titled, Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around, which is somewhat of a bookend to this idea of being found,  derived largely from the sentiments of misplaced purpose in unfamiliar environs.  The grass is actually greener.  Ruts.  Disappointing my dad.  Unawareness.  Being lazy.  My squandered education.  Love.  Bla bla bla bla bla.

This is my first attempt at writing and singing my own songs.  Originally, I was writing these songs assuming that an actual singer would take the reins, but as they started taking shape, it made more sense that I sing them.  Thomas Carroll, my long time friend, collaborator from former projects, and current loft mate, naturally settled in on the drums.  Largely, the record was put together here at our warehouse outside of downtown LA, then finalized in various studios and basements (producer, Nate Pyfer) here and in Utah.  Much to my chagrin, there was no particular process.  I actually quite enjoy process.  If anything, it started as a project void of any rules, then by the nature of writing anything, you create somewhat of an unintentional template for yourself whether or not you realize it.  This original lack of objective or purpose (probably derived from the lack of purpose at the time), helped cast off the pressures of fitting a mold and ultimately allowed for more honesty.  Not that I’m not an honest person.  Dogs don’t trust me.  Maybe they know something I don’t.

Sego is the partnership of  Los Angeles-by-way-of Provo duo of Spencer Peterson and Thomas Carroll churn out percolating and pummeling beats—looped and loopy, loping and luminescent—that coalesce into persistent, spastic grooves that are just as jittery as they are danceable. Sego’s latest record Once Was Lost, Now Just Hanging Around is available on Dine Alone Records.

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