Picture Atlantic: Explosive Sounds and Shallow Words

by: Chris Pizzolo

Picture Atlantic is a rock band from Santa Clara California with a big round sound and crystal clear melodies and hooks.

Photo by Brittany O'Brien

(L-R) Nikolaus Bartunek, Ryan Blair, Daniel Martinez

Their latest song “Shallow Words” is from their forthcoming album Assouf. The band has been together for nearly a decade, but it’s hard to believe the incarnation of this three piece has only been making music for half the amount of time. Vocalist/guitarist, Nik Bartunek, says he wrote “Shallow Words” first “by figuring out the lead guitar riff on an acoustic guitar, on stage, about 5 minutes before we started playing a gig in Hollywood in 2009-2010. It just never really clicked until I heard our drummer [Daniel Martinez] playing the beat about a year ago. He will write these really interesting beats by himself, and when I heard it, I started playing the riff to it. The rest fell into place.”

The new single has a large edgy rock sound that contains it’s own distinct fingerprint while calling to mind bands like Muse and Young the Giant. Check out this great video and keep your eyes and ears peeled for the band to drop their third full length record Assouf later this year.

photo by Brittany O’Brien

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