Pinwheel – Mindfucking the wholesome image you had

By: AJ SUGAR Think of a pinwheel: a colorful, whimsical, innocent childhood novelty. Now let’s get introduced to the band  ‘Pinwheel’ and let them mindfuck that wholesome image you had in mind.

Their self-titled second album is angry and dark, a fantastic contradiction to the name. The disc hits heavy straight away and drags you kicking and screaming through ten songs of hard rock. It’s done strong and uniquely, though. ‘Pinwheel’ would stand out magnificently on any rock radio station. It has all the elements of great rock music: beefy guitars, pounding bass lines, and drums that will run you over if you try and stand in the way. On the top of all that are synths, keys and more to create a sound that is uniquely ‘Pinwheel’. The vocals are catchy and understandable rather than ambiguous screaming, which all comes together masterfully, shaping memorable songs throughout the album. In the interest of being open and honest with all of my (hopefully) loyal readers, this style of music is far from my normal listening preferences. Much of it, particularly on rock radio, blends together creating a bland genre that rarely catches my attention. ‘Pinwheel’, however, has legitimately impressed me with this disc. It’s dark and heavy but I feel uplifted as track ten closes…bands like this give me faith that if you dig, there is great music around that strives to break and expand genres to create something new. Every time a band makes me realize that hope still exists for the future of music, I just want to go frolic happily in a meadow…whimsically, childishly…with a pinwheel in my hand…Huh, well shit, I guess the name makes sense now.

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