Play It Again: Everything Ever "Big Ideas"

By: Sara Waber

Hailing from Staten Island and New Jersey, local punk prodigies, Everything Ever, are celebrating the culmination of their DIY tour to promote the debut LP, “Solid Ground,” with a release for the music video for “Big Ideas.”

With roaring delight, we got the chance to chat with the punks of Everything Ever about their newest video.

Play Too Much: Hey fellas! Why did you choose this song to make a video for?

Everything Ever: Big Ideas seems to really make an impression on people, so picking it for the video just felt right. It always gets a great reaction when we play it live, and it’s definitely a staple of our show

PTM: Where was this video filmed? Give us an idea of the day(s).

EE: This video was filmed at a few locations in Staten Island, NY by Kevin Rogers and Backslash Bomb Productions. We filmed it over the course of one long day in January of 2015, mostly around dNo’s [the leader vocalist] parents’ neighborhood. We got together around 8 AM for bagels, coffee, and to discuss the plan for the day. We shot at their house first, then drove to a nearby park and overpass for the outdoor shots. We finished the night back at the house, and we actually had to re-create daylight after the sun went down by doing some lighting tricks in the windows.

PTM: Really love the vibe of this video. You definitely feel like you’re out in the cold with these two characters, along for the ride. How did you come up with the video concept?

EE: We put total trust in Kevin and his crew. The dude is a genius so we weren’t surprised at all when he came up with such a cool concept. He recognized the overall attitude and conceit of the song, which is about not letting yourself be held back by anxieties and social judgment, and turned it into a story where the main characters seem to be living by no rules, and are getting joy and fulfillment out of that freedom in itself.

PTM: What was the hardest part and most fun part to film?

EE: The hardest part was probably the scene in the park. It was twice as cold out as it appears in the video, and it was the last scene we were shooting before lunchtime, so everyone was pretty cold and hungry for those scenes. The most fun was the scenes in the house, because it was warm and there was food.

PTM: Who do you want to shout out for helping make this dope video possible?

EE: Obviously from top to bottom this video was the product of Kevin and Backslash Bomb’s unique vision, so huge shout-out to them. Also, my sister Jessica Paladino did all of the makeup and hair for this video, and everyone should go check out her awesome company JLP Artistry. It was the first time I’ve ever gotten to collaborate with my sister on the things we’re most passionate about, so that was my favorite part of the experience. She also did an awesome job playing the role of the girl who gets her purse stolen at the train station, which we cast her for on the spot. Oh and my parents for letting us use their house to film, so thank you as always mommy and daddy.

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