PLAY IT AGAIN: Potty Mouth “Creeper Weed”

by Sara Waber

Potty Mouth Press Photo 1 - Jesse Riggins
Potty mouth rules!

Formed in 2011, this trio (Abby Weems (guitar, lead vocals), Ally Einbinder  (bass) and Victoria Mandanas (drums)) has gained incredible notary with The Boston Globe naming them one of the top five indie-rock bands to watch in 2013 and NPR calling their debut full length album, Hell Bent, “one of the best rock albums of the year.” This past summer Potty Mouth debuted a five-song self-titled EP under their own imprint, Planet Whatever Records.

What caught my attention was the bands emphasis on NOT emphasizing the typical “all female band” description. I read in their Galore feature, Abby states “It’s one thing to highlight a band that’s all women but it’s a different thing to make that a defining feature of a band…” That was music (no pun intended) to my girl power ears. Why do we need to put female in the foreground? The best FEMALE drummers. The greatest ALL GIRL band. If their gender is the only thing you recognize then that’s a compliment worth keeping to yourself.

Along with Potty Mouth’s impressive impression they’ve left within the industry, their music videos are another nod to 90’s COOL. I spoke with Abby about their most recent video “Creeper Weed”.

Play Too Much: Why did you choose you this song to make a video for?

Potty Mouth: We just love the song, and wanted to give it more exposure with a video!

PTM: How did you come up with the video concept?

PM: The footage was actually filmed independently from our song. We originally had an idea for it to be a professional skate video, but at the last minute the skater couldn’t do it. Thankfully our tour manager at the time, Abby Banks, had footage of her (the witch) and her friends skating that they filmed for another video that didn’t end up being used. She offered to re-cut the video for our song and in San Diego we added the intro of us re-enacting our video predicament. haha.

PTM: That’s awesome. Making do with what you got. Why did you choose that VHS look for your videos?

PM: That was the decision of the directors for both the “Cherry Picking” and “Creeper Weed” videos, and us loving the 90’s! It just sort of goes with our whole vibe.

PTM: What was the hardest part and most fun part to film?

PM: Well we only filmed the intro haha! But that was still pretty fun, we just did it behind the venue we were playing that night.

PTM: Who do you want to shout out for helping make this video possible?

PM: Directed by Abby Banks
Camera Sam W. Phillips on the Sony vx1000
Skate witches; Ocea Iverson, Miriam Jackson, Caty Vo, Yveytte Parra

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