Play It Again: Printz Board “Rock & Roll”

by Sara Waber

From the moment I saw that this video was gonna be from the POV of drunk folks taking videos on a strangers phone, I knew I was in for something unique. I chatted with Printz Board about the insanely cool new video for “Rock & Roll”.

Play Too Much:  Dopppeeee video! But first off, Why did you choose you this song to make a video for?

Printz Board: You know, this song embodies the Printz Board & the Boardmemberz TOTAL sound with all the elements. It’s fun, dirty, slinky vocals, horns, sing alongs, guitar driven, soul pop. Being that is where our sound has landed, we thought it best to do this video 1st!

PTM: Totally agree, the song lends itself to visuals so well! Where was this video filmed? Give us an idea of the day(s).

PB: This video was filmed all in one day, at the Red Lion in Silverlake, CA… basically Hollywood.  We had a call time of 8am, I think, and we shot the Sketchshe girls 1st. Then we did all the internal bar scenes next, in the downstairs section of the bar, but we had to hurry because we need to do all the live stuff upstairs while it was still light.

As you all know, NOTHING goes as planned, so we ended up cutting out scenes, switching people around and moving thru on 2 or 3 takes only. We started having beverages about halfway thru the day. Fuck it. It made everything flow a bit better. We also had a B team shooting simultaneously, like the bathroom scenes and stuff. Overall, it was a great day, but it got expensive at the end because we went over time. Ugh..

PTM: That sounds like an insane day and yeah you’re right the best motto to live by is that nothing goes according to plan. So tell us, how did you come up with the video concept? (It’s sooooo cool!)

PB: The concept of the video came out of a brainstorm session with Me, Niv and my other partner Murray. Anytime we do a video, we throw stuff out there until it sticks. This one came after 4 other ideas. Definitely felt like the “one”.

PTM: What was the most difficult and most rewarding to film?

PB: The hardest part of this video was the performance on stage. We had to do it so many times, pass around the camera and teach everyone the words to the song. Saying that, it really wasn’t very difficult. The most fun parts, were doing the shots with the old man, @lindseyjenningz, @leannecrowe, @ryancabrera and of course the upside down shots with @sketchshe.

PTM: Sick, well the end result is perfect. Who do you want to shout out for helping make this video possible?

PB: Niv Gat, Justin Murray, Ori Gat, Dorite Nizzani, Rachel Moore, Keifer Jacobs (RIP), and so many others that ‘make it happen’ on all my videos! Of course the rest of the band, too: @iampattyamiller @ashleydzerigian @lucygraves @theofficialboardmemberz

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