Play It Again: Uncle Meg "Uncle Freestyle"

by Sara Waber

“Uncle. Let me niece and nephew your children”

With an opening line like that YOU KNOW this is gonna be dope.


Sometime last year, I was at Union Pool when Hand Job Academy performed. I had no idea who they were at the time but was glad I accidentally stumbled upon them. I appreciated their girl power and pop culture centric jams but HJA member, Uncle Meg aka Meg Skaff, definitely stood out to me. The brooklyn based rapper is taking her swagger solo with her upcoming EP Dangerfield dropping September 3rd.

The track “Uncle Freestyle” is such a brilliant amuse-bouche (amuse-oreille?) for whats to come. So we talked with the uncle herself about this zany video.

Play Too Much: Why did you choose this song to make a video for?

Uncle Meg: I chose this song as the first single to make a video for because I thought it represented me in the best way while still having some HJA flavor in it. There’s songs on my upcoming EP that are a little different from what I usually do. There’s some stuff on there that’s a lot more emotional, honest, & raw and I thought this would be a good transition into that. I want to show people all sides of me, all my personalities; this song is the quirky me, the me that people are used to seeing most of the time. I wanted to start with something people and HJA fans are familiar with first.

PTM: Where was this video filmed? Give us an idea of the day.

UM: We filmed the video for one day in Bushwick. It was hot as hell but we had a lot of fun. It kind of just felt like I was hanging out with my friends (Vanessa in the cat head & my business partner April on the camera).

PTM: How did you come up with the video concept?

UM: I had an alternate video concept at first that was very different from this one. A lot of times when I sit down to write a treatment, I just come up with things on the spot. Whatever I’m feeling at the moment for the song. I changed the concept after deciding to do a collaboration with my friend, Vicky Healy aka MeltyCats. She had been wanting to make a mask for a while, something sculptural that she could photograph. So I said, how about you make some weird cat mask and we can make a character out of it. It can be my crazy, hyperactive mascot that cheers me on as I do whatever I want to do. A devil of sorts always hanging over my shoulder.


PTM: That’s so cool. I love mixing medias and it’s dope that you were able to include the art that ultimately inspired you. What was the hardest part and most fun part to film?

UM: The most fun part to film was all the cat stuff. Riding in the shopping cart was fun because I didn’t have to do anything but sit there and eat candy haha. The hardest part was the baseball bat scene. We had originally wanted to shoot that section in the baseball field by my house. My intention was for us to crash the little league game that was happening. We ended up walking on to the field during a tournament and getting yelled at and kicked out haha

PTM: How was it making the video as a solo artist, without your HJA gal pals?

UM: It was chill making a video without my HJA girls, they definitely bring out hyperactive energy in me when we are all 3 on set, but it really helped having Vanessa (pink cat mascot), there. She gave the biggest performance and the most energy to the whole video in my opinion. Always need a hype girl honestly. Especially when I’m directing and have a lot on my mind.

PTM: Who do you want to shout out for helping make this video possible?

UM: Shout out to the beautiful people who helped me create this song & video- P.Kimure for producing & mixing the track, shout out to April Maxey for always lending her time to my art and for being a great business partner in our other work. Shout out to Vanessa for wearing that huge mask on a hot ass day in July and for bringing a shit load of energy, couldn’t have pulled this off without you. Shout out to Vicky (MeltyCats) for donating your time & art to be featured. Keep doing you, it’s amazing work. And hopefully more collaborations in the future!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.51.33 PM

Uncle Meg’s EP Dangerfield drops Septmeber 3rd. Want more Uncle Meg? Watch her video for the cover of Fergie’s “London Bridge”. That song has always been a top fave but Uncle Meg’s spin takes it to a new level.

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