Play Too Much Q&A With GRLFRNDWRKS + FREE Download

By: Chris Pizzolo

Grlfrndwrks aka Hector Merejo Jr is a New York based producer/dj who has made a name for himself remixing and putting out underground releases in the LES and NYC for nearly a decade (Previous endeavors including Meddos, and Tim Williams and the Arcade Stars.) His latest release, a Play Too Much exclusive, is his take on BANKS’ “Goddess”.

The original track summons the inner sexual melodies and prowess of artists like Tinashe and The Weeknd. “Goddess” is nearly perfect in it’s own right however, GRLFRNDWRKS brings us a moombahton inspired rendition of this alluring track.

A perfect song to listen to while drinking coffee and powering your way through emails or powering your way through your lover. We were fortunate enough to chat with GRLFRNDWRKS about his remix and what he has in store. Be sure to listen below and download for free here! 

Play Too Much: Curious to know why you chose Banks’ song?
GRLFRNDWRKS: Honestly, I heard my girl listening to her EP in the shower and I heard the music coming from my living room. Dope art chick from LA doing like ambient R&B type of music, loved it. So my girl actually came up with the idea of me remixing one of her songs and it took me a few months to get to it because I was busy with DJ gigs. I sat down with the track in my studio and just vibed out with it and came up with the remix.
PTM: So in your remix of “Goddess” you use a lot of really beautiful textures for the rhythm tracks. What was your process like getting those sounds?
GFW: It was just honestly getting the right sections of the songs and chopping them up in a way that kept the songs mellowness and gave it a nice moombahton swing to it. The drums I put together from a collection of drum samples I have stored in my utility belt. This track is such a cool song that I just played what I felt over it.
PTM: Right on. I’ve been a fan of yours for a while, so I’m sure for a lot of people this is an altogether new release but your sound has definitely undergone a big transformation in the last year or so. Your remixes and original tracks seem to be a lot more steeped in melodies and groove. Has that been an intentional transformation for you?
GFW: I mean, I don’t know if its intentional, I just like to touch on many different genres of EDM and go where my heart takes me – as corny as that might sound. I don’t want to be pigeon-holed into one genre. I’ll listen to a Wiwek or Diplo track and be so inspired to create my own version of something like theirs or I’ll listen to a Banks track and want to flip it with a cool mellow tropical vibe.
PTM: That’s definitely a beautiful and pure outlook. I’m curious, for an underground guy like yourself, what would you like people out there to know about your music?
GFW: It’s heavily sampled based music but the melodies are original and my goal is to always make your speakers thump.
PTM: Consider your mission accomplished. You also make my heart beat with some of your most recent melodies. But, anyway, I’d be a fool not to ask – where does the name GRLFRNDWRKS come from?
GFW: Well when my wife and I first moved in together about three years ago, being the “good man” that I am, I not only wanted to work on music, but I wanted to go back to school and get a degree. I was hungry to get myself a 9-5. But to be totally honest with you, my heart wasn’t in it. I was just doing it to make our living situation more cushy. My wife (who was my girlfriend at the time) told me to put all my focus on music and that she’ll hold us down so I can live out my dreams. So that is where I got GrlFrndWrks (Girlfriend Works) from, she works while I make music, pretty sweet deal.
PTM: That’s pretty sweet of her, and pretty great for you as well! What’s next for you?
GFW: I’m just going to keep working on original tracks, remixes, and try to get some collabs with other great producers.

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    Play Too Much Q&A With GRLFRNDWRKS FREE Download – Play Too Much

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