Play Too Much Session: Dair “Way It Goes”

By: Play Too Much

Dair was put on our radar just after SXSW this year. Aaron Bastinelli, engineer at Converse Rubbertarcks and producer of Dair’s EP The last Sign, recommended I give her tracks a listen. Obviously, I was hooked right away. Fun dance songs with a splash of retro and a dash of contemporary sprinkled over a great sequence of songs, DAIR won us over to say the least.

So, we asked Dair to come kick it with us at Astoria Soundworks in Queens, New York. Dair’s music is so catchy and fun it was hard to keep still while listening (which is hard task when you’re filming). Dair’s presence has such an impact live that it should be a requirement that she make a video for all of her songs. We asked what her favorite venue was to perform at and here’s what the front woman had to say:

“I honestly love session singing. There’s something about being in the studio that’s both personally transformative while pushing you to take risks at the same time. But in terms of NYC gigs over the years, my top two favorites have been Brooklyn Bowl and Joe’s Pub. (It helped that David Byrne was walking around the venue beforehand too!) Brooklyn Bowl has a great energy about it and really makes you engage with the audience and want to dance! Joe’s Pub feels like you’re singing in someone’s beautiful living room. As if it’s time for group storytelling!”

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