Queens Duo, Punskription Packs Smart Style in New EP ‘Native Brains: Foreign Hearts’

by Sean Delles

Punskription New Music review hip hop

Photo by Stephanie Cruz

Strapped with swooping sawtooth synths, crisp electro hi-hats, and disillusioned daydreams that could only possibly stem from long hours trapped inside a cubicle- Punskription’s newest EP Native Brains: Foreign Hearts is a wild ride into the heads of P. Cruz and Pete the Lone Lobo. A hip-hop duo based out of Queens, NY, Punskription rocks a style combining the lyrically-conscious content of rappers like Talib Kweli (e.g. “I can’t believe I live in present times/Ten years past 2005/It’s still a crime to be other than white) with the instrumentation and feel of nerdcore artists like MC Frontalot (e.g. “Beat’s too preachy/Then imma kill like Ichi/And drink water from Fiji”).

If the very reference to the word “nerdcore” makes you grimace, don’t worry- there’s nothing cheeky, wacky, or hokey about this 5-track EP. In fact, I’d go as far as to say Native Brains: Foreign Hearts is an incredibly nuanced collection of tunes. Take the opening track, “The Battle for Negative Enemies”, an upbeat-ish number about unifying the world in hopes of gaining “negative enemies”, and place it against the closing track, “Conceived of Children Who Lie”, an apocalyptic exposé on the trail of destruction led by the white man and other forces-in-power throughout history. There’s evidently some form of ambivalence imbued within P. Cruz and Pete the Lone Lobo’s social and political philosophies; a healthy dose considering the confusion and turmoil of recent times. It’s always refreshing to hear music that can entertain, engross, and evoke serious thought in its audience, and Punskription’s Native Brains: Foreign Hearts does just that. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys in the future.

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