Daydreaming with Punskription’s Newest Release “Dreams From A Cubicle”

by Chris Pizzolo

It’s hard to keep track of all the creative endeavors P.Cruz is involved in these days, but among the most exciting ones is his conscious hip-hop project Punskription, formerly known as Negative Death. The Queens based duo’s latest track “Dreams From A Cubicle” is one of the most lyrically entertaining pieces of original music I’ve been exposed to all year. Every time I hear the line, “In fact, I’m the most prominent since Earth was a continent” I can’t help but let out a big smile.

The track is a synth heavy groove track that features bouncy verses and a catchy hook. As fun as the track is  with it’s play on comic book references, it’s also important to note that the group is talking about the struggling dynamic of balancing a love of hip-hop with the reality of living within the 9-5 system.

For more on Punskription visit their Facebook page here. Also check out this cool piece on the band’s song from Derrick D here. 


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