PWR BTTM returns with an epic “Big Beautiful Day”

By Jeremy Hammond

Queercore pop warriors PWR BTTM is back with another catchy, charming bundle of energy with their new single “Big Beautiful Day”.

After starting as a local favorite at Bard College, and taking Brooklyn and America by storm with their fantastic debut LP Ugly Cherries, PWR BTTM is primed for another strong outing in Pageant, if “Big Beautiful Day” is anything to go by.

“Big Beautiful Day” builds on the infectious 90’s alt-rock inspired sound that has made PWR BTTM so beloved, with a wonderfully fuzzy and jangly guitar sound and song structure that builds perfectly to the completely massive chorus. Where in the past PWR BTTM has written introspectively exploring themes like uncertainty in love and the future, “Big Beautiful Day” finds a self-assured Ben Hopkins cursing motherfuckers who make people feel small, but also sympathizing with those motherfuckers for never having the chance to look so damn good.

PWR BTTM big beautiful day music video
Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Another exciting notable from this single is the unchaining of PWR BTTM’s drummer Liv Bruce. On Ugly Cherries the drumming is big and at times epic, but never feels like it loses restraint. As if to mirror the self-confidence expressed lyrically, “Big Beautiful Day” finds Liv Bruce really digging in and getting aggressive on the drums – a welcome addition to the already highly technical sound that PWR BTTM has cultivated.

PWR BTTM’s new album Pageant comes out May 12 on Polyvinyl Records.

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