Kiwi Rock Revivalists, Racing, Are Back With “The Bass”

by Chris Pizzolo

There’s something special happening on the other side of the world. Good old-fashioned, hard-hitting rock and roll is gaining steam and at the forefront of this revival sits Racing. Today, we have the premiere of “The Bass”, the first single from their upcoming EP.

“The Bass” is a hypnotic dance rock anthem infused with tropical rhythms and psychedelic indie undertones. It feels as though it could have been born in the deserts outside of Los Angeles; soundtracking a mind-expanding journey for someone about to have the ‘Eureka’ moment that will change their life. The past few years spent cutting their teeth live in New Zealand clubs is palpable in the composition of this track and we really can’t wait until these guys make it stateside to check them out live.

The band has been compared to “the thoughts of a crocodile in flood season”. Not only is this the coolest description we’ve ever heard for a track, but after a few listens to “The Bass” it’s quite evident that it’s equally on point.

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