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Your Girl Power Playlist Just Got Stronger with “Running Through The Night”

by Kelly McMichael of RENDERS

“Running Through The Night” was inspired by Slutwalk, a protest against rape culture, slut-shaming and victim-blaming. It is about being frustrated that my safety is threatened because I am a woman walking at night. I love walking and my budget doesn’t include cabs every time I’m out late at night. The way our society talks about these issues leaves the responsibility to “stay safe” or “be careful” to the women or anyone else who might be vulnerable (QTPOC, LGBTQ community).

Bad things can happen to any one of us at any time, no matter what we’re wearing, or how safe a neighborhood we are in. We have to live not only with this fear, but with the consequences that if we decide to walk a couple blocks home to our house and something does happen, we will likely end up being blamed for making the “bad choices” that lead to it.

“Running Through The Night” was meant to be an anthem that you can sing to yourself when you want to feel empowered. A song for that walk through the parking lot when that terror feeling starts creeping over you. A song to remind you that you’re not a weak thing to be preyed on. It’s a “fuck you” to that. Listen to it when you’re working out – “I’m a big powerful lady (or whatever works for you) and no one’s gonna fuck with me”.

Writing this song was a nice process. It flowed pretty easily and I was able to pull out a new side of me musically that I had always wanted to explore, but didn’t have the right band/platform to do it with. RENDERS is a persona that is a role model to myself and others. It’s an exaggeration of the strongest, most fierce and fabulous part of me. But it allows itself to be soft and sensitive too, which makes it even stronger and more connected to femininity. So writing from that feels healing and empowering.

I’m bit of a control freak so I worked on most of “Running Through The Night” solo. Mark Andrade, my producer is really nice, open, and accommodating, not stubborn or over-bearing. We have a good balance of skills where I have the pop sensibility, vocal and melodic strength, and he has his ambient dynamic Ableton electronic experimental world covered. It’s good when the two meet somewhere in the middle. I had some pretty strong ideas laid out in demos of the songs, but we were able to use Mark’s better equipment to take everything to the next level, make the synths and beats bigger. It worked really well.

Writing girl-power anthems in synth-pop seems pretty obvious to me. I really love Robyn, Kylie Minogue, Eurythmics and Goldfrapp, which I think you can find those influences in there. I love when women play dirty gritty guitar and growl and howl, and rock out, and I do that a bit with my other band (Kelly McMichael and The Gloss), so I wanted a chance to express another side of feminine strength, one that embraces third wave feminism and lets you get trashy and glam if you want. I also love playing Pride events and dance music is perfect for that, so tying those things together made perfect sense, not that I thought it through, but I think my subconscious had that in mind from my experiences playing with my previous queer all-girl dance band Rouge. RENDERS is definitely about missing a lot of what Rouge did.


“Running Through The Night” is the first track off the self titled EP out July 8th.

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