Play It Again: Sadistik “Free Spirits”

by Chris Pizzolo

“Free Spirits” is the first look into the highly-anticipated new album Altars by Sadistik. The song is a dark distorted hip-hop track accompanied by an equally chilling video. We spoke with Sadistik about the inspiration and making of  the video in our conversation below.

Play Too Much: The new music is incredible. Tell us a little bit about the song; the writing process, inspiration, etc

Sadistik:  Thank you. I began writing this song a couple years ago & have slowly chiseled it into what it is now. The production was quite involved on this track, including some live drum & guitar work.

PTM: You can definitely feel the largeness of the track, so it’s no surprise to hear that it took some time to refine it. Why did you choose to make a video this track?

Sadistik: I think this song is a good litmus test to introduce people to Altars. The album covers a lot of ground emotionally, but overall it’s rooted in a fairly dark place. So to me, “Free Spirits” is the entry point into the album. If you’re not tall enough to ride this one, then you should probably get out of line while you still can.

PTM: Where was this video filmed? Give us an idea of the day(s).

Sadistik: We shot this video over the course of one (very long) day at a bar in Pasadena. It’s a place that Michael Hussar & I frequent quite often, which has included several intoxicated conversations consisting of “Yo, we should shoot one of the videos here…” Eventually these conversations worked out & came to fruition in the form of Free Spirits.

PTM: How did you come up with the video concept?

Sadistik:  I have a lot of visual ideas gestating inside of my head & this was one of them that finally made it out. It’s no secret that I’m a cinephile & that I want to express myself & my ideas through film. I have piles of notes from short film concepts to dialog pieces, simple visual ideas etc. & this is one that I felt matched what I wanted to communicate in this video.

PTM: Well it turned out great. It feels like a Rob Zombie film. How involved were you in the making of this video?

Sadistik: About as involved as one can be, I’d say. This was my brainchild from the beginning & the record label gave me full creative reign for the shoot. The concept, characters, pacing etc. were all very intentional. Tim Jensen co-directed this with me & was hugely incremental in bringing these ideas to life as well.

PTM: Who do you want to shout out for helping make this video possible?

Sadistik: There are too many people who helped make this video a reality for me to name here. I do, however, want to say thank you to Gaspar Noe. He’s a director that has impacted me a lot as an artist & some aspects of this video are meant as an homage to him.

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