Saul Williams “The Noise Came From Here”

by Paul Payabyab-Cruz

Saul Williams, the actor, poet, writer, and musician, is set to release Martyr Loser King on 1/29/2016. This release is exciting as Saul Williams creates beautifully raw music that doesn’t care to appeal to the mainstream. Saul sings when he wants to sing, raps when he wants to rap, and speaks what he wants to speak. The musical arrangements that accompany his words throughout his discography range from rock bands to heavy electronic production. If any artist can get close to expressing the gamut of human experience, it is Saul.

The track “The Noise Came From Here” is no exception. From the beginning, with layers of human voices and claps, it immediately feels like I’m sitting in a circle with Saul at its center. Acoustic instruments come in to drive the song forward a synthesizer appears. Instead of serving as a contrast to the natural sounds of human chants, it finds a place where it feels like an extension of the human psyche. The jump of vocals from verse to join the chorus is comforting as the last words “You never touched my love” make the song feel like an acknowledgement to the emptiness and sorrow that emanates from the voices.

“The Noise Came From Here” is familiar because of Saul Williams’ artistry, but fresh in its sonic perspective. I look forward to hearing the rest of Marty Loser King because I know this song is just a piece of a larger story and experience Saul is going to share with his upcoming release.


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